Saturday 30 July 2011

Refridgerated Funk

There are some strange people amongst the record collectors out there, and I guess I have to include myself in that statement. My vinyl storage solution for my funk 45s is kinda out of the norm I will agree, and always raises an eyebrow or too when someone visits the DAILY DIGGERS HQ. But hey so what! I like to keep my beats as fresh as possible...


Tequila Black said...

You know what? I don't blame you fammo! I'm from Chicago but I live in Dallas now, and I have lost a few LP's to the heat down here! Five minutes of leaving my LP Bag in a car in the summer made me warp two Smoky Robinson joints and my George Benson Changes shits! If I could afford a fridge for my joints, I would do the same thing! Though I would'nt keep it on max cold cause I dont want my shits to break when I scratch!


Tequila Black

Daily Diggers said...

Tequila Black, I can't tell you the heat in London reaches Dallas type heights cuz I'd be lying, but I've also melted a record left in the car one day. And it wasn't mine! Apologies to Davey Double Dex he will remember.
Keep tuning in TB