Thursday 29 September 2011

Fresh Dressed Like a Million Bucks

Another post about SLICK RICK I hear you cry!. But you can never overdose on this man's material. One of my favourite emcees without doubt. Here is the man himself performing a live rendition of "La Di Da Di" at the Karma Lounge.


Anonymous said...

I always liked Rick's rhyming style; uncomplicated, simple. However the flow he was giving on La Di Da Di was mostly monotonous.
I'm used to the style that I'm used to, dammit! Don't go changing-up, Rick.

Nice one, Dyno.
- Ben (Repo)

Anonymous said...

dont have if you have facebook or not but go check out the latest video of some bboy ish he posted..he says "Im so proud that my roots in this culture stem from this art form and damn its come along way! Peep!"

im not a spammer hahaha just think youd dig..peace..

Daily Diggers said...

true Ben, SLICK was at his best on GREAT ADVENTURES LP.

^ hey dude I tried to find that video you mention but without success, do you please have a link/ many thanks


Graf said...

I'm looking for contact with you. Can you give me your email?