Thursday 1 September 2011

Go Bombay!

I warned you - JORUN BOMBAY is absolutely killing it on the beats recently. If this don't knock you out then nothing will! This remix got me searching through my breakbeat stash scratching my head. See how many you can spot....?
Before you watch, I INSIST you leave a comment so we can show JORUN how much we love this shit!


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

SLAMMIN'! i need stitches. Sounds like straight out of Marley's House Of Hits circa 1990. We like this remix more than those on the 12", Wicked cuts.

Marley's signature whistle
Fat Larry's Band - on the avenue
Chicago Gangsters - gangster boogie
Esther Williams - Last night changed it all
Sly - trip to your heart
Funky Drummer
Syl - Different strokes
JB - Get up, get into it..

stumped at the main guitar riff sounds similar to the one used in 'Set it off'.

verge said...

wow, definitely diggin this remix.. props Jorun Bombay and thanks for the heads up Daily Diggers!

Downstroke said...

Yeah, loving this, proper homage to an era that if you weren't there, you couldn't possibly understand!

P.S Supreme got most I recognised, apart from JB's Get Up, Get Into it, Get Involved.

Dude is putting in work!

Leo Slayer said...

hard as hell.
more, please.

RGCD said...

Wow - this is so much better than the original cut! Will this be released or made freely available at any point? I really need this ;)