Sunday 11 December 2011


OK before you all shoot me down in flames, this is probably the one and
ONLY time that you are ever likely to catch me paying any money for mp3s of any kind! At first it felt kinda wrong, but that shiny packaging and UZI-shaped USB stick got me hooked, so as a real patriotic fan of BOOGIE DOWN PRODUCTIONS I just had to have it.
So as you can see I have no intention of opening this, I simply intend to look at it from time to time and remember how fuckin' dope it was back in 1987 when BDP's "Criminal Minded" album hit the streets. People use the term "game-changer" too loosely these days, but that LP was certainly one which made people within hip hop stop, look and listen. Conscious lyrics and uncompromising beats made this LP beyond a classic. I fact if this LP ain't in your top ten hip hop LPs of all time then you have a problem homey!


Anonymous said...

they have a puzzle to this and biz markie the biz never sleeps and kool g rap stay cool alter

Leo Slayer said...

altogether now, "it's an empee threeeeee and it's shaped like a gun-eeee, oh yeah!"

or not...