Thursday 26 January 2012

Schifrin & Budd Play Shaw

SKEME RICHARDS and HOT PEAS & BUTTA are back with another installment to the SOUND OF FILM series with the current mix being dedicated to the classic 42nd Street Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films and two of the greatest composers of all time, LALO SCHIFRIN and ROY BUDD, for this cinematic adventure titled SCHIFRIN & BUDD PLAY SHAW. In true Hot Peas and Butta fashion, SKEME reworks dialogue from some of his favorite flix and rearranges them to his favorite film scores which gives it a totally new feel from both angles.
This one goes out to all the pushers, pimps, muggers, thieves, hookers and hustlers!
Hot Peas and Butta (DJ Skeme Richards) Presents - Schifrin-Budd Play Shaw Bros by hotpeasandbutta


Benni said...

I was expecting it all to be Schifrin and Budd breaks... but theres some David Liebman quartet and other things in there too.. nice touch though didnt expect to spot the Liebman in a mix such as this.



Benni said...

I would love to know what film it was used in though as I have the David Liebman LP The Opal Heart, interesting that Australian release was being used in a kung fu flick.


Daily Diggers said...

Hey Benni. Word up.

I hope maybe Skeme will drop a response and answer that for us.

good looking out


Benni said...

Peace Dyno

Yeah I wouldnt mind actually.. I've sampled that track for someones beat too, would be interesting to know where else it may pop up lol