Sunday 10 June 2012

Bob James

BUNCH TV have interviewed the maestro BOB JAMES and asked his reaction to people sampling his classic beats "Nautilus" and "Take Me To The Mardi Gras". All beatheads will own these two classic breaks, so listen up to BOB's initial opinion of the unauthorised use of his music and how he later began to appreciate the love he was getting from the hip hop audience.


Repo said...

This is really fascinating and a great insight into Bob. I've never seen anything about him before so certainly have an even greater respect for him now.
Loved his reaction when the interviewer gave him a quick bit of Bronx hip hop history, too

Punk-cho said...

The bell-less version is just a filtered version. With the noise reduction plug in it's very easy to use, if you can filter each bell separately. I've made my version some years ago, and the results were really good. So if Biz Markie's played the audio file from a shitty Notebook, someone could think that it's original.

Unknown said...

Great interview, thanks for sharing! I posted this on my blog at as well. Would love to post a Daily Diggers link on my site as well if its cool with you?

Daily Diggers said...

that's cool JR Noble, go for it!