Saturday 14 July 2012

Dust & Grooves Kickstarter Campaign

If you are a regular visitor here on DAILY DIGGERS then I'm sure you will already be aware of EILON PAZ's excellent DUST & GROOVES website documenting the culture of record collecting across the globe. And if you are a record hound yourself then you will no doubt be a regular on his site already, eager to catch up on the next collector interview to see what they got, where they got it, and to peep how others store all of their records.
When I met EILON a few years back he told me how he intended to turn his love of photographing record collectors into a book project. The website itself is an incredible read and features some incredible images, but I'm now pleased to announce that EILON has begun his Kickstarter campaign to turn this from a digital product into a physical one with the plans for compiling a book. EILON needs to raise $27000 in total to carry this project through to fruition, and is offering people the chance to pledge money towards the book in return for various rewards including copies of the book, signed photographs, t-shirts etc.. Have a look over at DUST & GROOVES KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN, and please pledge your support to this wonderful project. In fact, have a listen to EILON himself as he tells you about the campaign and how you can help.
And watch out for an appearance by yours truly very early on in the video. Is that him, could I be right? Could that be Kid ... Ah DynoMITE!!

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