Saturday 14 July 2012

Five Years And Counting

On Tuesday 17th it will be 5 years since I started this blog. What started as an outlet for my obsessive compulsive hip hop disorder has become something of a daily read for some of you out there and I appreciate everyone who stops by and catches up however frequent that may be. The internet is full of bullshit purporting to be hip hop but I like to think that here you will always have a safe haven for all things dope in the real world of hip hop.
On DAILY DIGGERS you will not find any Lil Wayne, there will be no "gangster rap" (unless it's N.W.A. or their affiliates from the same era), certainly no bitch slapping, gun toting or drug selling. And definitely no talk of our riches and rides (because we don't have any!) And seeing as you asked we're more LORD FINESSE over here than MAC MILLER! However, there will be plenty of old school reminiscing, vintage footage, writer's bench gossip, interviews with DJs, b-boy circles, funk breaks as well as details of new hip hop records to look out for as well as the vintage beats I know you dig for.

For me personally, some of my favourite posts on this site have been the various interviews (DANNY DAN THE BEATMAN, FRESH SKI & MO-ROCK, DIAMOND D, DJ FORMAT etc.) and of course the DAILY DIGGERS RADIO SHOW and my section on drum break 45s. I've also been lucky enough to make contact with plenty of you like minded hip hoppers out there who strive for the same cause - keeping true to traditions. And who can forget we were amongst the first to bring you news from SPUTNIK BROWN, the NY crew so highly revered by those in the know and the group that led to a certain MC named OXYGEN relighting his solo career. I wanna say word to all the people I've met since we went live in 2007, it's been a pleasure. And to anyone who stumbles upon this site now as a newcomer, please feel free to immerse yourself in our five year archive over on the right. If you love hip hop music and what it stands for then make us your homepage! Thank you.


Dah S said...

That's what i'm talkin about, fresh & goin...

Big up

The Kool Skool said...

Congratulations bro!
As I have said before, if it wasn't for the Daily Diggers blog, there wouldn't be a Kool Skool one! The Dily Diggers video feature coming soooooon!

Daily Diggers said...

thanks Da Spook, I appreciate your thoughts bro. I hope you become a regular here.

Kool Skool rules, thanks for your constant support Shucks One! You the man.


Steve Beans said...

Keep up the goodness, gents. Here's to another five years and more!

Mac McRaw said...

Yes, yes! best blog going always posting fly dopeness first Beans said here's to another five!

DJ JayTee said...

So glad I stumbled across this blog last year , top marks for keeping it 100% real.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the 5 year milestone!

I love checking out your blog. I know I will find out about some cool stuff that I wasn't aware of.

Would love to see you do an interview with Cru - Yogi, Chadio etc or perhaps with Doze Green or Jorge Pabon, Joe Conzo or Buddy Esquire.


JonnyC said...

Fantastic, repping all day every day



fecam said...

5 years! Time flies.

Echo the comments above - keep on keeping on..

MR KRUM said...

Yep...congratulations Dom and keep up the good work. I don't always drop a comment but I'm checking in regularly and appreciate the time and effort you put in. My favourite blog without a doubt.

Cheers - D