Sunday 29 July 2012

Voodoo Drums

Once again my fellow vinyl junkie DJ JOHNNY DETT has put together a new MIX CD which will rock your woofers and wake up your tweeters. "VOODOO DRUMS" is his third installment of beat mixes produced on two turntables with nothing but OG vinyl and is aimed at b-boys, b-girls, and beat junkies alike. It's all about rocking the doubles, and this time JOHNNY let's rip with some of his recent vinyl acquisitions. Go JOHNNY!!
To get yourself a physical copy of "VOODOO DRUMS part 1" on CD you can contact JOHNNY DETT by sending him a message on his Soundcloud page. Or alternatively drop me a line and I can also organise this for you.

Voodoo Drums 2012 by Johnny Dett


Anonymous said...

nice alter da naked baboon boston ma

Anonymous said...

This sounds killer, plus the artwork looks very familiar (Rustles thru shelves....) How can I nab one?

Keep up the good work ;)

The Disco Strangler

Daily Diggers said...

thanks fellas, JOHNNY got BEATS!

Disco Strangler, hit me up at

kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com

Kid Dyno