Tuesday 14 August 2012

Idealism - Jonzhaft Demo Tape

Do you ever recognise a sample used in a hip hop track but then cannot quite put your finger on it?

I like to think I'm kinda cute at picking out samples used within our music, especially if we're talking about late 80s hip hop records. If you speak to my vinyl addicted friends they will no doubt tell you of times when I've named this snare drum, or this horn blast ... and if I'm honest it probably bores them to tears! But hey I like to sample spot.

A couple of years ago when I was chilling in the UK with that monster of the microphone that is OXYGEN (formerly of SPUTNIK BROWN and currently one half of SPOX PHd), he played me a demo tape that set the alarm bells ringing in my head. This demo was whaaay before SPUTNIK BROWN in his first incarnation as JONZHAFT THE PSYCHOPATH back in 1990. The beat was tough and had some serious swing to it, and had a "rare groove" feel. It was instantly familiar, but I could not name it for love nor money at the time despite trying. And I ain't gonna start asking an artist what track they've used, it just ain't the done thing. So I simply put it on hold thinking "this will come to me sooner or later".

But, it didn't. And only today has OXYGEN finally put me outta my misery and revealed what he used for his demo track "Idealism". He in fact had chopped up portions from pop superstar YAZZ's often overlooked album track "Something Special". Yes, the same stunning lady that had success with "The Only Way Is Up" in 1988. What made matters worse was the fact that I had actually met YAZZ circa 1990 whilst she was heavily pregnant and recording in COLDCUT's studio in Wood Green, North London (Livingston Studios was the name).

So shame on me for not spotting something that lay right on my own front doorstep. I shall remember to look closer to home in future. But you don't care about all this do you - you just wanna hear the JONZHAFT demo track don't you? Well, here it is...

YAZZ SAMPLE 1988....


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