Sunday 19 August 2012

Kurious - "Competition Disappear"

More DIAMOND D produced goodness here in the form of KURIOUS JORGE's "Competition Disappear" - a new track which pays respect to the loss of both ROC RAIDA and MR MAGIC and also features A.G. from DIGGIN' IN THE CRATES crew on vocals. DIAMOND has well and truly got the bass heavy rolling on this joint, so play it loud and listen to your bass speaker positively hum with contentment! As always it's good to hear KURIOUS take the mic once again; his laid back style has only gotten more so over the years. The cool calm brother who spells it with a "J" and not with a "G" also recently featured on SPOX PhD's first vinyl venture the "Four Times Raw" 45rpm. So take my advice and don't sleep on either track cuz if you do ... you be illin'!


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