Saturday 4 August 2012

Strong Island Re-Created

SKRATCH BASTID and THE GAFF get huge props for this 45rpm routine on 4 decks in order to re-create the JVC FORCE classic "Strong Island". FREDA PAYNE's hit "The Easiest Way To Fall" provides the basis of the track including drum break, whilst the flipside of the 7" "Unhooked Generation" gives us that oh so familiar horn riff. Now I don't wanna take the shine away from this superb piece of footage, but those who know me will concur that I've been rocking these 45s on both sides and re-creating "Strong Island" back-to-back myself for some time. BUT these dudes took it to the NEXT level with this routine on 4 wheels. Salute.

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Leo Slayer said...

aah yeah!!!