Wednesday 5 September 2012

Jam-Fu TBB "Can You Dig It?"

How would you like a healthy dose of drum beats and DJ doubles? Of course you would ... or you wouldn't be right here on DAILY DIGGERS (we are your one-stop shop for quality breaks and beats).
Today I caught a new mix from the THE BRONX BOYS ROCKING CREW extended family. I'm really impressed with this dope new mix from UK TBB member JAM-FU. All I hear is good things about him and his partner in beats KHAN-FU. To hear the younger generation are rocking breaks on 45s rather than laptops and mp3s is always a pleasant surprise! So I have to give them my utmost respect along with all TBB family. Plus JAM-FU drops my favourite OSIBISA joint in this mix so it gets my recommendation immediately. A special shout goes out to DJ SKAMROK and DANNY DAN THE BEAT MANN. Check out these fire beats from JAM-FU..... and look out for JAM-FU & KHAN-FU on the wheels of steel.

1 comment:

Skeme Richards said...

Jam Fu is a good dude and I really like where he's going. He's mad humble and seems to have a good ear.