Monday 22 October 2012

Beat Diggin' - the DVD

The critically acclaimed documentary film about beat diggin’ and Hip-hop production is now available on DVD for the first time. Filmed in NYC in 1997 and directed by JESPER JENSEN it shows some of Hip-Hop’s top producers hard at work looking for samples, making tracks in the studio and talking shop. The DVD featurines D.I.T.C.’s DIAMOND, SHOW & BUCKWILD, DA BEATMINERZ, GODFATHER DON amongst others and spotlights beatmaking culture of the 90s. Included on the DVD are both the original version (1998, 22 minutes) and the re-edit (2003, 34 minutes) alongside bonus documentaries BEATS RHYMES & VIDEOTAPE (filmed between 1994 and 2001, & shows interviews and live footage of some of your favourite artists, both in America and Europe including GANG STARR, MASTA ACE, BOOT CAMP CLIK, THE PHARCYDE, ARTIFACTS and radio legends STRETCH & BOBBITO) and WHO's NEXT (A 2003 look at some of New York's up and coming artists including RISE, JUGGAKNOTS, J-LIVE, GE-OLOGY, J-ZONE etc). All available on one DVD through CRATE ESCAPE RECORDS. Peep the trailer....

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