Tuesday 13 November 2012

Back To Burn

If you love graffiti writing as much as I do then I'd be very surprised if your eyeballs don't pop out whilst browsing through the following photos. I'm a huge writing fan and have been "up" myself over the years, but I'm hardcore so it will always be paint on trains that gets me the most excited. I can't really put into words the feeling I get when I see a burner roll into the station with it's brakes grinding and the smell of the dusty underground tunnels in the air. All I know is that I get a chill down the spine and instantly my mind conjures up the scene of the writer tracking down his elusive prey and emptying his countless cans in the darkness.

So when I first caught a glimpse of some of these customised "All City Train" models by ORIGINAL GEE I can honestly say I was in my element. A friend of mine AGENT FINCH has already commissioned a couple of these trains to add to his huge hip hop memorabilia collection, and it was only a matter of time (and pound notes) before I commissioned one for myself. ORIGINAL GEE doesn't do things by halves when he is painting a train - if you look closely you will see rust, car numbers, buffed tags and even hidden throw ups. The keyword here is authentic, in fact so authentic that he has replicated some of the most famous wholecars so precisely that you would need a magnifying glass to pick out the real from the replica. If you are short of presents to ask for this Christmas, then you need one of these trains cars on your wall. A customised example is more than affordable considering the amount of work involved and the amount of skill and thought GEE puts in. Break open your piggy bank and get yourself your very own running burner. Oh and BTW ... fuck the buff!
(If you wanna get in touch with GEE contact him through his website HERE)


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

"This content is currently unavailable"

Gee doesn't have website for orders? Just a facebook unavailable page?

Repo said...

I've seen a few of these around and would love to get my hands on one some day. Seriously, how much are we looking at to own one?

Daily Diggers said...

Link updated for Gee. Peep his website where you can order your own train or canvas. KD

Bennyboy said...

These are genius - beautifully done. Whats the ballpark for one of these then?

Daily Diggers said...

Depending on what you want ... wholecar, end to end window down, panel piece. Anything up to £100 and this includes the train.