Wednesday 28 November 2012

Breakbeat Lou

Anyone with even a miniscule interest in drum breaks should know the name BREAKBEAT LOU. If you don't then I'm surprised you are even right here reading this website because BREAKBEAT LOU (LOUIS FLORES) was one of two men who brought the ULTIMATE BREAKS & BEATS series to our record crates. Without LOUIS and partner BREAKBEAT LENNY ROBERTS, maybe records like "Funky Drummer", "Amen Brother", "Gimme What You Got" and many more would NOT have been the staple diet of hip hop producers and the backbone beat for so many MCs in the 1980s.
But despite his name, LOUIS FLORES is more than just a break cat. His musical history goes deeper than JACQUES COUSTEAU and you can find out more by reading this most excellent interview with my cousin SKEME RICHARDS over at HOT PEAS AND BUTTA. Check it out with the quickness...

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