Thursday 6 December 2012

Brand New Good For You

I always aim to bring you only the freshest stuff here on DAILY DIGGERS, at the same time filtering out the weak and wack. So without delay, here is the latest infectious beat mix from ADE aptly titled "Brand New Good For You". This mix is almost 90 minutes long and full of funky records of all genres all mashed together with samples, comical interludes and under the radar breakbeats, with even a few bargain bin records thrown in for good measure. I always feature ADE's mixes here on this site - not because I know him personally, but because they're always so dope. In fact ADE gives away very little about himself, even to me in our emails. I guess he prefers his music to do his talking. And it speaks volumes!
"Brand New Good For You" is essential listening if you're an avid beat digger. Check it out below ... and of course I'd like to point out that these ADE mixes are always exclusive to DAILY DIGGERS. It's brand new, and good for you!

1 comment:

fecam said...

GREAT mix. Cheers KD!