Wednesday 5 December 2012

Ill Adrenaline Pumping...

Lovers of that 90s boom bap sound will be pleased to see a handful of heavy vinyl releases from ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS are due to drop anytime soon. This time the young label has some dope material from NEEK THE EXOTIC, THE LEGION, BENEFICENCE, and PURPOSE & CONFIDENCE hitting vinyl for the first time. Shouts to BENNY at ILL ADRENALINE who I have known for a few years - this dude is a solid hip hopper who has so much passion for the 90s sound that he has "put his money where his mouth is" when it comes to releasing the dope shit for us all to share. I shall be copping as many of these releases as I can possibly afford. I suggest you do the same. Check out ILL ADRENALINE RECORDS where you can check out soundclips, videos and order the vinyl. Check out the videos below for NEEK THE EXOTIC ft. BUMPY KNUCKLES joint taken from NEEK's "Coming In Piles" EP. And secondly the new LEGION sureshot.

...and a new video from NEEK THE EXOTIC to accompany the EP release.

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