Sunday 6 January 2013

Q-Bert Still Runnin' Thangs

There's no doubt in my mind that DJ Q-BERT is one of the true masters of the scratch. It still amazes me to this day how much dedication he has for the art of scratching. He has to be among the very best scratch DJs we have ever seen, along with his PIKLZ cohort D-STYLES (another incredible deck technician). Both have continued to re-invent, re-work and re-shape the sound of scratching (as we know it) for over 20 years. That's why I think Q deserves his GRANDMASTER status alongside the late great ROC RAIDA (rest in beats).
Check out Q-BERT getting into the zone at the DMC WORLD FINALS in London back in September 2012. Expect to see lots of cuts, rubs, scribbles, funky drum patterns and his usual inter-galactic scratch-speak. But best of all is the obvious fact that Q is enjoying himself no end! Check it out...


The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

Qbert does have grandmaster status and title he just doesn't use it. It even says so on his Skratch University site.

Moreover Q is one of the best and worst things to happened to deejaying. No need to explain why he's one of the best, but he's the worst because he continues to produce scratch nerd clones and doesn't do anything discouraged this.

Back in the day a deejay would scratch any sound that can get their hands on and each deejay over time would develop a preference for using certain sounds (I always preferred snares sounds). Now all these scratch nerds imitate Q down to only scratching his sounds , "Ahh" and "Fresh". Those two sounds are crutches! It's very hard to make those sounds sound bad.With today's technology the ability to cut any sound on computer these kids today are lazy and only spend time cutting two sounds!

What's worst is Q doesn't do anything ,in anyway, to discourage this. With his thud rumble products he actually encourages this behavior. He doesn't want his fanboys to become anything more than a second rate version of himself. Unlike those who came before him ,in 70s' & 80's, he doesn't want people to advance and become better than he is. He just wants enlarge his fan & customer base. Q is an ill deejay but don't so blind to see what's he's doing.

Anonymous said...

I kinda see Qbert like this :

What Can-i-bus is to MCing, Q-bert is to DJing. Really good at only one thing. Really REAALY good at one element of it.. but nonetheless, a one dimensional / one trick pony.

Canibus has incredible punchlines and rhymes, but can't freestyle or
write a song or change his voice and be versatile... Q-bert cuts fast as hell, but relies on the same records and i haven't seen his "other" side of DJing outside of just quick scratching.

Not to say they aren't good at their one thing, but it doesn't
necessarily make them good as a whole in their field over other multidemensional DJ's / MC's.

Daily Diggers said...

Dudes, some excellent points made here by both of you.

While posting I was very careful to refer to Q-Bert as one of the "best scratch DJs ever" as opposed to "one of the best DJs ever".
His scratching has always impressed me, although anyone who has been to more than a handful of Scratching competitions can tell you it can begin to grate after a while.

There will always be better party rockers, break DJs, routine fiends, beat jugglers etc.. than Q-BERT but in terms of the zig-a-zig-a I think only a few could match or even beat him.

I lost interest in the whole "scratching" thing circa early 00s when the scene exploded with everyone and their momma learning to cut and scratch. DJing is so much more than just scratching. I know people who can mix well on the 1200s and that can impress me much more than some inadept repetitive cutting & scratchin'.