Tuesday 26 February 2013

Krum Get Some

My fellow VINYL VETERANS member MR KRUM has just been interviewed over at FLEAMARKET FUNK - they delve into his creative design work, his LP cover artwork, and his eclectic digging habits. Humble as ever MR KRUM never shows off about his work, but suffice to say he is the designer of choice for many independent record labels at the moment (SLICE-OF-SPICE, BLUNTED ASTRONAUT, CRATE ESCAPE, PROJECT BLUE BOOK, BORO RECORDS etc etc). He'll no doubt shrug it off and say something like "well I've been lucky lately" but let's be honest about it MR KRUM is the man to go to for some design brilliance.
Peep the INTERVIEW and check out MR KRUM's website for more of his work.

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