Wednesday 31 December 2014

Right Combination

Myself and BEAT DETECTIVE were lucky enough to be asked once again to join DJ SIGHER on the wheels of steel at his "RIGHT COMBINATION" event at THE BIG CHILL BAR in Brick Lane East London last Sunday. Last year's TRC 25th Anniversary jam at the same venue (also in December) was a great vibe so despite my busy Christmas schedule I had to make it along to this.

I was late to the party but already SIGHER, BEAT DETECTIVE and MATT LOVE had the b-boys throwing down into the circle. Bournemouth legends SECOND TO NONE and London's very own FOUNDATIONZ CREW were going off as I stepped through the door and I was eager to take to the wheels and join the fun. It was great to see so many original heads and familiar faces in the crowd, and I hope we did you all justice in terms of our musical selections. It's the pleasant vibe at events like these that keep me energised for weeks on end, knowing I need to find some more obscure funky beats for the next jam. An extra large "thanks" to SIGHER for organising another memorable jam.
Here's some b-boy footage from the evening courtesy of MISSING STEWART...

Here's to more jams like this in 2015. Happy new year to all the real hip hoppers out there.

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