Friday 21 September 2007

Coming out the speakers...

Here's a quick selection of the beats we're pumpin' this week. The woofers are woofing and the tweeters are, tweeting! (Thank God we have good neighbours) We hope you see something you ain't heard before and decide to take a listen - it's all about spreading the love! ...and in turn please feel free to hit us up with something dope we may not have heard ourselves. We are always digging hard but we're always up for you teaching us old dogs some new tricks.....and I know some of you out there are crazy beat nerds too! We look forward to hearing from you.

Lots of Hip Hop being spun this week, including the much-anticipated "Livin' Foul" LP which is incredible to say the least! Next week we'll flip a few breaks and samples for the beat diggers amongst you, so please stay tuned. In the meantime take a look at the latest film clip we have added in the VIDS section! It will introduce you to a friend of ours who is a veteran of the digging game - known as Decca Dave because of his fascination with owning and memorising every record on said label. It was filmed at the indoor Collector's Market in Walthamstow East London E17. Maybe this short film is a revealing insight into what we may be like ourselves in the future? Profile Pete, Cold Chillin' Colin maybe, or Tuff City Ted? Catch my drift??



Agent Finch said...

YO! It`s all about the KOOL KAY DEE track for me, shit`s nut`s..!!

Nice to see & hear a DAILY DIGGERS weekly chart. No doubt it`ll put me onto some dope shit that i aint heard before.

Like you say, "it`s all about spreading the love".. amen..!!!

Can`t wait for next week`s instalment..!

Crate Escape Records said...

yeah cheers Kid, dopeness as always, as you've used Cold Chillin, I'll be Kold Sweat Cro, played some Daily Diggers remix amongst other things on Mondays show, now up for download on my Ultra thats Mo Luv being spread!