Friday 9 November 2007

Just messin' with beats pt5

It's been a hot minute since we flipped a little REMIX here at the HQ. Beat Detective has just found a Carole King "Fantasy" LP with a mellow loop that just needs to be sampled, so here goes.................. The drums have been taken from "Burning Bridges" on the Kelly's Heroes Soundtrack, and the finished beat is topped with a soulful vocal hook from Carole once again. On listening to the beat we both agree that Tha Alkaholiks accapella of "Mary Jane" would sit nice over the top of it (or it could have been the fact that we were intoxicated at the time? The Liks would be proud of us!)
J-Ro, Tash and E-Swift make up the Cali crew, and they have recently come back strong on form with the track "The Flute Song LaLaLa" which uses the already dope Headhunters "God Make me Funky" drum loop, so it also seems appropriate to revisit some of their classic records. (Check the "Flute Song" out on their myspace page it's a head-nodder).
The Liks have been dropping wax on us Hip Hoppers for over fifteen years now, and they still sound fresh! Much like the Beatnuts they can re-create their classic sound in an instant. Sure, not all their beats are consistent, but the ones that thump really do make you wanna rewind and play again!!

Anyway, back to the Mary Jane remix and the purplish clouds of smoke that are floating in our lab.....Here's J-Ro's smoked out verse for your enjoyment - please feel free to twist a tree or two and rap along with us....

Verse Two: J-Ro
Early in the morning, you gave me a buzz
I picked up the phone and didn't know who the hell it was
I feel like Johnny Gill I wanna wrap your body tight
Lick you from head to toe and watch you glow like a Lite Brite
I met you at the park around three
When I got there you was loungin in the car with my homey
He said he needed a dub so I slipped him one
And said "C'mon Mary Jane and let's have a little fun"
I got you in the sack, between the sheets
J-Ro needs you like J-Ro needs beats
She's the Queen of the Ghetto, ask my buddy Tom
Mary Jane is the bomb
Mary Jane Mary Jane
Mary Jane Mary Jane


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This is THE BEST!