Monday 28 January 2008

He's Nasty Baby!!

Ask 100 Hip Hoppers who their favourite rapper is, and the name LORD FINESSE will pop up more times than a defective toaster! And it goes without saying that we here at DAILY DIGGERS HQ would be shouting his corner too.
His careful choice of words and eloquent delivery of punchlines have astounded many fellow emcees and us listeners alike since he first dropped on wax with "Baby You Nasty" in '89. And with legendary freestyles and performances such as the Patterson Project Battle with Rhyme Inspector Percee P, he holds a firm place in Hip Hop history. (Check out the Patterson Projects rematch in the Video Bar on the bottom right).
Whilst nearly all of his releases on vinyl are highly sought after and demand a high price, those clever diggers over at VINYL ADDICTS have thought out-of-the-box and contacted the FUNKYMAN himself in search of a bigger fix of Finesse's funky phonetics!
Now the guys at VA have got some ill shit to drop on us - the likes of which you are unlikely to have heard unless your down with the FUNKYMAN himself. Superbootytuff props go to MIGHTY MAZE, SMOOV & REDKHAT for putting in mad work on this one! All in order to bring us the raw!
VA001 - LORD FINESSE & DJ MIKE SMOOTH - THE FUNKY MANEUVER EP featuring six dope unreleased cuts on vinyl to make ya eyeballs pop clean out the sockets. Taken straight from FINESSE's own demos and archives, we look forward to, amongst others, hearing the Nautilus version of "Bust A Little Something". It's gonna be dope-on-a-rope!

Funky Dope Maneuver
No Stoppin'
Bust a Move
Sexual Healin'
Bust A Lil Something (Nautilus version)
Back To Back (Demo version)

And yep this is the "Sexual Healin'" where Finesse flips his trademark raps over the Marvin Gaye beat. Classic!

Pre-Orders have already begun, so check out the link above to reserve your copy. But don't sleep cuz....

Lord Finesse is the brother that you have to hear
I flow smooth like clouds in the atmosphere
I'm spectacular, so damn terrifyin'
That wack MCs dont think about ever tryin'
To dis or flip cause what it boils down to
You won't survive to step to me in round 2
I stand and expand like a great man
And swing a party like tarzan the apeman
Say rhymes that are necessary, make em extra-scary
Watch Finesse and take notes like a secretary
I get furious, display experience
Lord Finesse is nasty, PERIOD


Lord Finesse in effect with the master rap
And I flip on the mic like a acrobat
I wont fret, step, but Ill make a rep
Usin vinyl wax, or a tape cassette
Think Im weak? take your next look
And get schooled and read like a textbook
Cause I'm the better man, and I never ran
MCs beat me? I give credit to whoever can
Cause I terrify, scare, and horrify
Couldn't win against me even if you let your father try
Hang and socialize, rhymes just multiply
Me and Mike get with it cause we both are fly
Lyrical lecture, word architecture
Rap director, the best in my sector
Microphone cool chief releasin' the smooth speech
I get nasty with a pen and some loose leaf


LORD FINESSE - Baby You Nasty (Wild Pitch 1989)

And as a little treat to keep you Finessed-to-death until VA001's a little FUNKY TECHNICIAN (DAILY DIGGERS REMIX)...simply click on his name below!


Kid Dyno


Maze@DiggersSpot said...

thanks for the kind words and the dope write up bro...much appreciated!
take care

Daily Diggers said...

NO.....thank YOU for bringing us the dope shit!!


Maze@DiggersSpot said...

always try my best fam. hope to be able to affort a trip to the uk soon, maybe for a personal delivery of VA002 ;-)

take care
talk soon

C.LoS One said...

NO DOUBT ... shit is correct "Ain't that something, DAM! It Feels Good To See People Up On It" keep on doing what you doing and post that good ol' shit we call Hip Hop down here in the ghetto