Wednesday 6 February 2008

P&O - cross channel mixing

It's been a week or so since our last post, so what better way to come back at you than with a dope little 20-minute mix from the boys at P&O. No, it's not the ferry company, but these guys do perform some cross-channel mixing!
P&O, or DJ PRECISE & DJ OLSON, are the two founding members of THE PLAIGAWRISTS deejay crew that tore it up at the DMC and VESTAX DJ championships throughout the early noughties. These dudes are also the members, producers, and DJs of VINYL DIALECT (formerly on the Bad Magic label) otherwise known as VINYL DEEZ.
Now these guys have always impressed the hell out of me when it comes to turntable trickery - even in the mid 90s when I met these guys, their scratching and cutting was waaaay above par shall we say! Watching these two on the 1200s has always made me feel like A) I should practice more, or B) I should just give it up!
Back in 1999 we appeared together on the 12" release by SKYE on DC Records. Entitled "SKYE files Vol.3 - Scratch Mechanics" it featured a sandwich of crazy breaks & beats all chopped up by the beatmeister SKYE, with a filling of experimental cuts & scratches courtesy of Skye, DJ Proof, DJ Olson, DJ Precise, Kid Dynomite (yours truly) & Mr. Monkey. But PRECISE & OLSON have a new project under way which has us very excited. After years of making beats in the studio, these guys have taken a step back for a moment, and re-invented the music they make. They still love to hit the crates and create, but now with MUSIC DE BEAUVOIR they offer us a new twist on the P&O sound. What they have done is to gather some talented young musicians, and together re-created their studio productions in a live venue, with instruments replacing samples. With two amazing live shows already under their belts, the studio recordings are due to hit vinyl real soon so watch this space.
The tracks we have heard so far are hard-hitting funky dancefloor killers, and with an undeniable KPM/Library music type flavour. With Precise and Olson conducting things and adding cuts n scratches to the can be sure of some serious sound!
You can find out more and listen to some of their dope productions on their myspace pages, simply click here or here.

But for now, let's get back to the music. Here's a 20-minute mix from P&O, featuring a wide range of music from new shizzle to old schizool, breaks and beats....but more importantly plenty of dope scratching for ya domepieces! Bring it on guys!

P&O mix

...and here is Scratch Mechanics from the SKYE files Vol3 on DC Records. Introduction by Mr Michael Parkinson.

SKYE files vol3 - Scratch Mechanics

Kid Dyno

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Crate Escape Records said...

Ahhhhh I was sent the wrong sleeve from Germany when I got a Apache promo 12" and it had the Skye Files Vol 3 sticker on it, wondered if it was the same Skye as the excellent and very underated "Back Room Soul Ep" 12" from a few years ago. Cheers for clearing that up...another addition to the wants list ;)