Thursday 7 February 2008

Daily Diggers Live on Air

Our fellow Hip Hop junkie DJ JUST ONE has again invited the DAILY DIGGERS
to appear live on his Hip Hop Sessions radio show tomorrow night (Friday 8th Feb 2008). The show is from 10pm - 12 midnight and you can catch it at 96.9FM on your radio (Norfolk Area) or tune in live over the net at Future Radio .Again we are gonna drop some dusty breaks from yesteryear, and of course some crazy dope Hip Hop from the 80's and 90's. Our homeslice JUST ONE will be playing a dedication to J Dilla (as he died 2 years ago today) between 10pm-11pm. Then we intend to rip the tables to shreds from 11pm onwards. It will be a madkap affair so don't miss it.....if you snooze you lose!

We hope you will find the time to listen in, and maybe send us a message (through the studio messenger service online) while we are in the studio. Although it is hard to play requests made on the night, please feel free to drop a lil comment after this post with your "most wanted" record to hear on the night, and we will excavate through our crates and try to please.

30-something JUST ONE is a veteran of the Hip Hop game here in the UK, and has deejayed with more legends than I could possibly list.....but here's a few anyway.....Kool DJ Herc, Skratch Piklz, Gangstarr, MC Shan, Grandmaster Caz, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E Fresh, Afrika Bambaata.... I'm sure you get the picture. In fact the story behind us hooking up with JUST is an obvious one - he was at EVERY damn hip hop gig we went to through the 90's so it was only a matter of time before we were introduced through VINYL DIALECT (Precise, Olson and Ezra), and immediately we thought "hell...we know YOU!" So BIG PROPS goes to JUST ONE for being down with Hip Hop for such a long time, for repping it how it SHOULD be done, and for putting in mad work into the game.........and of course for putting on the DAILY DIGGERS!

Make sure you are locked in on Friday night! We shall try and post up a podcast of the show for those that can't tune in live on the night. We like to keep you Hip Hoppers well fed.

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Kid Dyno & The Beat Detective

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Anonymous said...

Get Fonky....Get FONKY, Yes yes y'all, just diggin for gold an I think I might have found me a fat nugget worthy of makin into a dookie... You boys killin it on jut s show- and unearthing some gems on the site. That BBC Break is stupid fat.

Will link soon..


Mista P