Wednesday 1 April 2009

BBC Radio 4 - beat mining with The Vinyl Hoover

Check out this BBC Radio 4 show about record diggin', courtesy of TOBY AMIES aka THE VINYL HOOVER. Some hilarious diggin stories to be heard from legendary 45 collector KEB DARGE, plus interviews with 45 KING and STEINSKI revealing the hows and whys of sampling drum breaks.
Very interesting stuff, although the link is only avilable for 5 days so peep it soon.


Kid Dyno


fishlycoxwell said...

definately worth a listen...if only for Coldcut's "director's commentary" of their Paid In Full remix...nice one!

alex ghirmay said...

very interesting doc.

Just found this blog, some really nice stuff man, really nice quality too.

I was lookin' for an e-mail address to message you guys but couldn't find one, so i'll ask you here.

I recently got myself an MPC, a nice 80s audiophile turntable and an ortofon cartridge, i was wondering what setup you use to record/sample your vinyl? (what turntable, mixer etc.), coz your rips sound so crisp and have very little hum in the bottom end.

When you get a chance, let me know if you can, e-mail me at, and keep up the good work you boys are doin', love your blog.

Alex G

Jonny Roxwell said...

I knew I'd heard that Roy Williams break before. Mr Thing plays both breaks on the King of The Beats 2 dvd (but I guess you guys already knew that!). Thanks for the name yo, now I just gotta find a copy in the field!