Sunday 19 April 2009

Dust And Grooves

Here's a re-upload of the DAILY DIGGERS SOUND break mix from a few years ago, for my man EILON PAZ at DUSTANDGROOVES.COM. EILON is a professional photographer and vinyl enthusiast, and has documented the crate digging culture on his oh-so-dope website, take a peep for yourself at his interview and photos with Philly's own TRIPLE DOUBLE amongst others. EILON is taking a trip over to the UK in a couple of days to experience the DAILY DIGGERS lab for himself....check out DUSTANDGROOVES in the near future.
So hey EILON, here's a few beats to make your trip across the pond a funky one.


Kid Dyno

1 comment:

Eilon Paz said...

hey dude,
hope all is well.
have you checked my blog lately???
there is a small update...