Tuesday 21 April 2009

Skeme Richards RSC

This brother is fresher than fresh, and cooler than the water in a swimming pool. It's SKEME RICHARDS, and he just can't live without his radio. Nostalgia King and purveyor of fine records, his new blog will educate and amaze...and sometimes daze. But it ain't no phase.
Plus I NEED that Jimmy Walker DYN-O-MITE doll!! Check it out HERE!

And if you're not in the know about SKEME RICHARDS, he's twice as nice on the 1s and 2s as most of the break DJs out there. First you gotta know that shit, then you gotta find that shit, but only then can you learn to rock that shit. Check out this short documentary on SKEME and possibly the best top rocker in b-boy land YNOT? - now there's a man who knows his beats and let his feelings all flood out. Just watch how YNOT? moves to the music practically in sync with the instruments. Does he have a midi connection or something? Is he man or machine...? I truly don't know, but judge for yourself below....

Kid Dyno


Skeme Richards said...

Yo my man!! Good looking on the plug!

Stay Fresh,

Anonymous said...

the YNOT footage is sick!!some of the best top rockin' I've ever seen..

..btw would that be the old school Elliott Ness of ESP at the end with skeme?

Daily Diggers said...

Yo Skeme, keep spinning those gems my man!

and ^anonymous yeah that toprock is possibly the best I have ever seen, the more I watch it the more YNOT seems on point.

Now that's HIP HOP.

Kid Dyno

Daily Diggers said...
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Anonymous said...

These aren't true bboys for dissing and down playing the breaks