Wednesday 22 April 2009

Verbal Threat - Ironman

Every so often a dope hip hop track comes into my radar that hasn't been brought to my attention earlier. This is kinda unusual, as those that know me will vouch for the fact that I spend every spare minute I have surrounded by hip hop records. "It's a sad life" you may think....and it is. But the soundtrack is great!
Now I think it may be DJ IVORY who first mentioned this track to me, but it still took me a few years to track down a copy (thanks Christoph!) in nice condition. It's on the IDLERS label so I don't understand why it is such a bitch to find. Nor can I find much information about this release or the artist themselves. If you know more details please drop a comment and unravel the mystery.
Produced by COR DIVINE and DJ SERIOUS, and mixed by Grandwizard Tony D (not the Tony D aka Tony Depula RIP) this track uses some unusual samples, and a frenzied SP1200 drum program with snappy snares doing all the work. It's raw, and that's just how I like it.
On DISCOGS you will see this group linked with the current VERBAL THREAT (Kool Sphere and MC Reppond) produced by DJ PREMIER - these cats are also dope I agree but I'm not sure they are linked. Damn ... these name similarities can be confusing.
Have a listen below to the CLUB MIX which I prefer, and there's also a HIP HOP MIX with the drums laid bare. As far as I am aware it hasn't been dropped on any of the quality mixtapes doing the internet rounds, and if I'm wrong I'm sure someone will correct me. Although DJ KOCO did use the flipside track "Black Woman" on one of his mixes.

Cat No WAR046
Mastered by Dick Charles (signature in run-out)
SRC stamp also in run-out
Dedicated to Scott La Rock


Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

Im particularly diggin' the outro shouts on this in that classic late 80's style.."the iron man posse..cold kickin science!" solid tune tight drum programing decent MC,I wanted to hear this obscurity never seen before and im familiar with the rap 12's that dropped on Idlers - so I thought,one for the hardcore heads me tinks.thanks Kid Dyno! P.

Daily Diggers said...

Yes P, and the "tyre burn" scratch at the end just adds to the rawness.
As you say, one for the HARDCORE HEADS.

Pleased you dig it.


Deenraida said...

These dudes were from Virginia Beach,Va. I like The Black Woman song on the other side even better.I looked up to these guys when I was a kid. To my knowledge, this was the first decent act from VA. Please post that Black Woman if you get a chance. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Im Bee Da Manager. I was Verbal Threats manager. Yes these guys were from Va Beach. They did shows with Public Enemy for a bit. They should have gone alot further than they did. This was actaully the B-side to Black Woman. Believe it or not both were originally made in a shed on a 4 track tascam...Yes those were the days. Verbal Threat was Cor-Divine, Mike Peace, Dj Serious and DJ Maestro. Tony D (Idlers)signed them on the strength that they were supposed to go on the POWER tour with PE and Queen Latifa, the tour fell thru and so did the deal. Idlers records was home to the Jungle Bros before they signed with Warner was distributed by Warlock.

Anonymous said...

Verbal Threat disbanded in the early 90's. They were slept on most definitely. They were ahead of their time. Each member continues to carry the torch in their on right to this day. Before the Neptunes, Timbaland, Missy and The Clipse Va Beach had Verbal Threat.