Thursday 25 June 2009

Very Superstitious

Recently a good friend of mine asked me if there was an instrumental version of STEVIE WONDER's hit track "Superstition". A friend of his, a singer, is due to audition for the UK TV talent show X FACTOR, and wanted a "Superstition" backing track. Knowing I live in a vinyl dungeon, my buddy came to me for help and although there are lots of covers of "Superstition", finding an instrumental wasn't going to be so easy. There is a shitty karaoke version available to download on the net, but he doesn't want to go out all cheesy. And I respect that.
So I donned the scuba gear, and dived head first into the DAILY DIGGERS crates in search of the best cover I could find. Believe me it took a while to search those easy listening LPs without success. But I had a niggling feeling in my mind that I had just what this singer needs, so I persisted, and in a stack of throw out LPs I found this version by JOHNNY PEARSON (of KPM library fame). Now I was about to take this record down the charity shop thinking there was nothing of note on it, but this version of STEVIE's classic is possibly the best I have heard. And NO LYRICS! Hell, it even has a drum break at the start - it seems I own more beats than I first realised. In future I'm gonna double check every LP that I have to "throw away". Let's just say I'm very superstitious.

Yep, the writing's on the wall....


I hope he does well in front of SIMON COWELL!

Kid Dyno


Dom Corleone said...

*High five* .. Wish it was MP3, but that's just me being picky ;-)

Thanks for this!

fishlycoxwell said...

just goes to show, it's always worth giving the gash pile one last shot at redemption before the bin / charity shop / whatever...

Daily Diggers said...

Dom, hit me up at

kidbiscuit at hotmail dot com

and I will convert it to mp3 for ya,