Monday 29 June 2009

Ah Memories!

It's good to reminisce. Here's myself and DOUG E FRESH at ROCKSTEADY PARK NYC in 1995. Shortly after this photo, DOUG absolutely ripped it on stage. Have you ever heard a 2000 strong crowd recite the lyrics to "LA-DI-DA-DI"? Simply amazing.


Agent Finch said...

Nice photo KID. It`s always cool to meet your idols & especialy a legend in hip hop. I hope Doug Fresh was real cool? Whenever i meet an artist, i always say to myself "please be a real cool dude & not a twat".

You need to hook up a DAILY DIGGERS school trip to a ROCKSTEADY jam one year Kid..! :o)

Anonymous said...

Doug E. Fresh..met in the flesh!..very cool,Dyno.Great linkage fella!.
I think the most famous rapper ive met is either MC Melo or MC Duke back in the day.MC Melo at a rap competition and Duke at a Music Of Life showcase where on the same night Einstein forgot his lyrics,thankfuly not on 'The Tables are Turning'which was wicked as i remember.

Whats your favorite Doug E. Fresh tune? P.

Skeme Richards said...

Gets no better than that! Definitely a great time Im sure!