Friday 25 September 2009

Manchester Diggin'

It's about that time to spread my diggin' wings and stretch my diggin' legs. Watch out Manchester, Kid Dyno is in your area!
This week I had an excuse to get out of the big smoke of LONDON and head for another city in search of some dusty vinyl. For my day job I sell luxury cars across the UK, and a perk of the job is that every so often there is a long distance delivery involved which gives me a fleeting chance to hit another city for it's vinyl resting places. This time I have a 4hr drive ahead of me to MANCHESTER in the north west of the UK, but I have the comfort of a CHRYSLER 300C SRT-8 on the way up there (Now that's gonna make my journey much quicker!). I got my DWG Lungbutters CD ready for the take off, the sat nav in the 300C is already programmed - now all I got to think about is the records I'm gonna find!
From what I know, many of the record shops in MANCHESTER are situated on or around OLDHAM STREET; just a few minutes walk from MANCHESTER PICCADILLY train station. And luckily a good friend has given me the quiet nod on which record shop I should hit first for the rarer pieces at the best prices. I'm not expecting a haul of hip hop records from what I've been told, but the breaks selection is ready for the taking. Apparently they have a large soul & funk section, plus some cheap prog rock LPs and many of the beats are left untouched for weeks. So you just know I gotta get up there. All you Mancunians out there, watch out for some power diggin' action DAILY DIGGERS style!
I'll be back posting again over the weekend and I'll spill the beans on the MANCHESTER mission. Until then ... hold tight to your records!

To get us in the Manchester mood, here's some graffiti action from the area - keep an eye open for a piece by one of very own regulars here at BREAKS FOR DAYS - the man they call FISH. What's up B!

Kid Dyno

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fishlington said...

all i got to say is King Bee & Sifters!!
Give me a bell if you fancy a jar..