Wednesday 21 October 2009

Double Goose

The regular readers of BREAKS FOR DAYS will remember my post a couple of years back about the legendary DOUBLE GOOSE COUNTRY leather jackets made famous by the likes of RUN DMC, RAKIM, LL COOL J, and all your other favourite rappers. That's right, anyone who was anyone in Hip Hop back in the 1980's sported a v-stitch GOOSE with fur collar. Now that shit was super fresh back in the days, and it's super fresh right now. The guys from DOUBLE GOOSE in France have opened a pop-up store in NYC and you know it's gonna be a sell out. So do not sleep, as these new DOUBLE GOOSE jackets are made to the highest quality, and in some of the freshest colours. I've even heard that to celebrate bringing the DOUBLE GOOSE jacket back to New York City, they are producing a limited number of orange v-stitch bombers. Holy smoke, I NEED one of those jackets (Thomas from DOUBLE GOOSE I hope you're reading this!). As my readers already know I'm a serious GOOSEDOWN addict, so I need to add to the 3 originals I already own. And I must say that I fully support DOUBLE GOOSE and give them massive props for bringing the real deal jackets back onto the streets. The photo on the left shows SKEME RICHARDS RSC (super rocking break deejay) and my bad self sporting my original beige v stitch bomber GOOSE (and yes I do still have the fur). Check out my earlier GOOSEDOWN post using the link below, and get your arse down to the pop-up store in NYC and keep yourself warm this winter, whilst still looking superbootytuff!

Get Down with the Goosedown


And a shout to Thomas @ DOUBLE GOOSE - please keep a bottle-green bomber with black fur on ice for your boy Kid Dynomite. Say word!

Thanks to SKEME RICHARDS for the photo (it was great to hook up at the b-boy champs homeslice!)

& props to OLLIE TEEBA for sporting his red v-stitch DOUBLE GOOSE bodywarmer at KING OF THE BEATS last that's that shit!

Kid Dyno


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Hey YO!

Gotsta get me one of those, wanted a v-stitch since waaaay back in the day!

Dyno, all you need now is the Ballys in a green suede, orange or beige homeboy! Stupid Fresh Fly!!!!

great stuff.

Skeme Richards said...

Those jackets are OFFICIAL!!! I've always loved those jackets back in the dayz and they're still as fresh as day one!! One of my highlights while in London was seeing you walk into the club with that jacket, that took me back into time and had me reminiscing still to this day. Damn what I wouldnt do to bring back that era!!


Anonymous said...

I checked out the new Double Gooses at the pop up store. The jackets are'nt as good as the originals. The new ones are made from lambskin and seem to have less goose fill. Lambskin rips easy too. Cowskin would be better and with more goose down. Also, the stitching on the arms, cuffs and waistband is different than the original. Its still nice to see the jacket making a comeback though. Maybe more designers will emerge with another version closer to the original.

Freddy said...

I just finished making one from thick cowhide. I'm getting the hang of this. I'm going to take a walk around my old Bronx neigborhood and see if anybody notices...LOL. Back in the 80s, the jacket was everywhere. Back then I did'nt think much of the jacket because it was everywhere. A few years ago I started looking but could'nt find anything. Thats when the obsession started. I'm not the only one.

Daily Diggers said...

Good work Freddy, that has saved you some bucks! As you say these jackets were everywhere back in the day, people took them for granted. Now everyone wants a piece.

It's great to see an iconic Hip Hop item make a return. And it'd cold here in London right now, perfect for a DOUBLE GOOSE. Stay warm, look fresh!

Kid Dyno

Anonymous said...

Theres an original 80s leather goose in medium on ebay for a 100 bucks. Its from dead stock and has never been worn. Its the same patern as Double Goose and made in Korea. I bought the Large and its very nice.

Leather Goose Custom said...

hey,Anonymous,I have your answer you think the same as me! I am making triple v-stitch bombers in full grain 3-5 oz cowhide ( I have a closet full of original double goose country/adam spencer jackets (8 or them)and trust me they WILL be made exactly to original specs as the Korean originals and more reasonable prices!!!

I inspected one or the new double goose jackets in the LES in Delancey Street and was a little dissapointed- I guess my standards are too high for the prices they are asking for.

Unlike the new french (double goose guys),I have a background in fur and leather upholstery
And I agree,lambskin even calf leather is too delicate for making a durable down filled jacket.
I also think these new double goose jackets are WAY too expensive-these guys are trying to get rich by taking advantage on a hiphop fashion iconic style and their color selection sucks

Trust me-within a year,these "double goose" french guys are going to get some competition including over 20 colors to choose from (standard,no extra charge and much better value for your dollars,more afordable)
Just remember 3 words "LEATHER GOOSE CUSTOM"
my brand!

Anonymous said...


Where the Jackets at?