Friday 27 November 2009

The Powerful Powerlord

Once in a while, a hip hop artist will step up to the frame with a couple of banging joints, only to vanish into thin air and leave their audience begging for more. For example I could drop names like UPTOWN (remember "Dope On Plastic"?), SEEBORN & PUMA, PHASE & RHYTHM, and in this instance I'm thinking of SUGAR BEAR THE POWERFUL POWERLORD. The moment I first heard "Don't Scandalize Mine" I knew the track was gonna be big, but even I was surprised when it crossed over to the mainstream here in the UK. It's such a shame when dope emcees don't get the chances they deserve, especially when we are surrounded by a zillion wack rappers in the music industry these days. I always loved the sound of SUGAR BEAR's voice, and there was no questioning the beats on the debut 12" single on COSLIT RECORDS. But no product came after that, apart from one quick guest vocal on a 1989 RICHIE RICH track entitled "Coming From London" on GEE STREET RECORDS. This was recorded whilst SUGAR BEAR was on European tour and hooked up with the UK's RICHIE RICH who was making noise back then. The track they recorded together was musically no technical masterpiece, despite good use of "Brother Green" and "Long Red" drums, but SUGAR BEAR's distinct rhymes and RICHIE RICH's competent cuts (or is it SUGAR BEAR's DJ CUT COUSIN??) make the track worth a listen.
If you wanna read more about THE POWERFUL POWERLORD, click HERE to read a dope interview with the man himself, including how he stumbled into making a hip hop record whilst acting as manager for SON OF BAZERK. It makes a great read while you check out "Coming from London" below.



Kid Dyno


Drasar Monumental said...

Word.." Ready To Penetrate " is a banger as well...Keep up the good work over here...


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

^^I 2nd that comment. Ditto.

Sugar Bear bussin' a custome made SHIRT KINGZ. Classic.

Daily Diggers said...

Thanks guys. Bringing you only the dopest shit as always.

Those SHIRT KINGZ were the real deal!

Kid Dyno

J3M357 said...

Great track ! Its also on a promo gee st 12" if you want a loud copy for peanuts