Sunday 17 January 2010

Kick A Hole In The Speaker Pull The Plug Then I Jet...

Lately we have featured many BREAKS FOR DAYS, so it's about that time we flipped a few BEATS FOR WEEKS to satisfy the hip hoppers amongst you. I shouldn't neglect our heavy hip hop audience who aren't so partial to the funk (is there such a breed? Surely these are one and the same!) The good news is I'm currently digging hard through the 80s & 90s hip hop crates to find some dope joints from whaaay back to drop on your domepieces in the next week or so. But in the meantime here's MY favourite mic controller of all time, the legend that is RAKIM. OK so his new LP might stink, but you can never take away the feeling that RA brought with him when he first came to the masses. He will always be a God.

I was a fiend before I became a teen
I melted microphones instead of cones of ice cream
Music orientated so when hip-hop was originated
Fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated
Cuz I grabbed the mic and try to say "yes y’all!"
They tried to take it, and say that I’m too small
Cool, cuz I don’t get upset
I kick a hole in the speaker pull the plug then I jet

A big thanks to MR SP1200 for the RA footage - check out more of his antics here including some dope SP action (you can't beat the 12-bit grit). Raw like sushi!

Kid Dyno

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p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Shocking!!, Kid was like what..16 or 17?? when he wrote those early verses, and to this day with the exception of say early G.Rap, Kane or maybe Illmatic era Nas, nothing has even come close to Rakim lyrics from 86/87.

Though Rakim comes off different on stage to way back in 87 when I saw him at Hammersmith with L.L. and Public Enemy, id say he still got it. If only RA would record the album the true fans want to hear.

"Bless the Mic for the gods"