Saturday 16 January 2010

Mystery Nugget #1

It's good to share, but then sometimes I like to keep the odd record or two under my "secret squirrel" hat. I have been asked several times by diggers why I share break knowledge so freely. Of course it goes against tradition to share your baddest beats in order to maintain exclusivity, especially amongst break DJs. I'm sure you know already that BAMBAATAA would peel the labels off his records for very good reason - to keep that shit exclusive to a BAMBAATAA party. And rightly so in my opinion. BAM has even told us that other DJs hired secret spies to follow him into record stores to see what wax he was copping for the next party. The game got to the point where people would know what record was playing by the colour of the label etc. leading BAM and his crew to peel off the labels with hot water. The level of competition back then was fierce.
So I accept that here at BREAKS FOR DAYS we often go against the tradition and spill the beans on the baddest beats around. But I do this for a reason. Firstly I know that only hardcore hip hoppers and beatheads check this site on the regular. Suckas and wannabees would only get bored of the content so I'm kinda confident that our listeners are those that LOVE hip hop music for the right reasons. So in that scenario I am more than happy to spread the love on the best break records to look for. Most are not easy to find anyway, so you gotta be putting in work to find 'em in the first place. I'm just pointing you in the right direction I guess.
And as for exclusivity, I don't have to worry about that. I could bore you about break records for a whole 24hrs and still have many big guns left unmentioned. If you've been to the DAILY DIGGERS HQ then you know the score - mountains of records piled up to the ceiling.
I got a mystery nugget here I want to share with you. I'm sure some of you may know this record already, but I'm naming no names this time.


Kid Dyno


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

YO! Holmes,

I couldn't agree more with your sentiments in the post...I know not what the mystery nugget is,sorry. I cant place it as a break that's been used either?.

But despite this, it urges and inspires me to keep on diggin' for the classics and for the lesser known breaks and funk,its fun and imo shouldnt be seen as something you cant be into if you love Hip-Hop and Rap music(r.i.p-James Brown).

Roll on summer, lets get those car bootsales back in effect and those fingers dutty!

Super funky break btw...thanks Dyno..

keep on.


fishism said...

you have put me onto some gems in the past (would never have checked for Bette Middler if i hadn't heard/read about here!) so i suppose it's only right that you keep a few close to your chest!
Keep on rocking.