Saturday 9 January 2010

Wonder Wazun - Never Stop Rockin'

I have mentioned before that this site has connected me with so many serious hip hoppers and breakheads from across the globe (cue KRS saying "Worldwide"). And I really do mean across the globe, cuz over the last year I've spoken with Brazilian b-boys about BREAK DJ LEACY (RIP), discussed rock breaks with hardcore German diggers, and overdosed on random rap with my buddy KWOTE ONE from Australia. I've received mixes from the UK, USA, EUROPE and as far away as NEW ZEALAND and KOREA. This shows and proves that Hip Hop certainly ain't dead, well not genuine hip hop anyway. And something tells me this commercial bullshit referred to as hip hop is about to go "pop" if you will excuse the pun. Because "pop" is exactly what it is. It certainly ain't hip hop, but you can call it rap if you wish (I can live with that because it is a descriptive). I'm always happy to pull people's cards and refer them to a dictionary definition like this one ....

"Hip hop as a cultural movement incorporates B-boying (breakdancing), graffiti writing, DJing and MCeeing. It originates in the African American, Afro-Caribbean and Latino American communities of New York City (with the South Bronx as the center) in the late 1970s.It was DJ Afrika Bambaataa that outlined the five pillars of hip-hop culture: MCing, DJing, breaking, graffiti writing, and knowledge. Other elements include beatboxing, hip hop fashion, and slang. Since first emerging in the Bronx, the lifestyle of hip hop culture has spread around the world. When hip hop music began to emerge, it was based around disc jockeys who created rhythmic beats by looping breaks (small portions of songs emphasizing a percussive pattern) on two turntables, which is now more commonly referred to as sampling. This was later accompanied by "rapping" (a rhythmic style of chanting or poetry more formally in 16 bar measures or time frames) and beatboxing, a vocal technique mainly used to imitate percussive elements of the music and various technical effects of hip hop DJs. An original form of dancing and particular styles of dress arose among followers of this new music. These elements experienced considerable refinement and development over the course of the history of the culture.

The relationship between graffiti and hip hop culture arises from the appearance of new and increasingly elaborate and pervasive forms of the practice in areas where other elements of hip hop were evolving as art forms, with a heavy overlap between those who wrote graffiti and those who practiced other elements of the culture.

Anyway, if reading the above you think to yourself "What...? No murder, no gun-toting or drug-selling? No fat ass bitches in fat ass rides?" Well I'm sorry to disappoint you but you have visited the wrong website. That has never been hip hop and never will. All others please read on...

So that's my rant over, let's get back with the program. We've got plenty more BEATS and BREAKS lined up for 2010. And that's without our new finds out in recordland.
Real hip hop lives right here. But once again I have been absolutely blessed with some more seriously dope mixes to share with you. This time a couple of flaming hot b-boy mixes courtesy of WONDER WAZUN from Germany. Both mixes were created a few years back with the intention of inciting floor rock at b-boy jams. And that they do to MAXIMUM effect; some of my favourite floor rock jams are included, and there are plenty I NEED to know more about. Respect and props to WONDER WAZUN. WARNING: not for the feint hearted - this mix of genuine b-boy beats is designed to make your body move and make you wanna get down with the get down. We can accept NO responsibility for ANY injury or damage caused whilst you are busting your moves. Hold on to your hats and get ready to rock...

WONDER WAZUN's Enter the Octogon & Never Stop Rockin'

Quality listening I'm sure you will agree. To contact the man himself click WONDER WAZUN

Get down!

Kid Dyno


Mojo said...

On fire ! Tnanks a lot Wonder

morda said...

Great mixes, thanks for sharing !
By the way...
WONDER WAZUN or someone else, can you tell please what a jams it was and what year ?
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Quality listening for sure!!

fishlington said...

lovely! cheers for that.
by the way, nice new header's all about the bode's!!
keep on rocking.

Anonymous said...

The mixes were made for the Ghettosoul-Party 2007(Mannheim/Germany) and for Octogon-Battle 2008 (Mannheim/Germany)

Anonymous said...

yesyesyall - thanks for the mixes lads, hope yer both doin good

yeh, lovin the new header too you nutty cheech wizards

all the george best

the cranberry sipper !

Be well


Daily Diggers said...

yes yes fellas, these mixes are hot like lava.

Thanks again to WONDER WAZUN, the DIVSHARE link has expired, but leave a comment if you need a re-up.

& thanks to morda, mojo, and monsieur fish for knowing what good music is.

Hotasballs - what's good Biggest Irish? Still sipping hard on the cranberry funk I see. Keep it crispy my man, and let's boogaloo a barbeque real soon.

The Kid

Re-co said...

Re-up please! I can never turn down an opportunity to get down. Thanks for the awesome site man, keep up the good work.

Daily Diggers said...

hey RE-CO!

I will speak to WONDER to get a re-up on these dope mixes. For the moment keep doing the do!

I will mail him RIGHT NOW.

thanks for your comments, and please keep checking us out here at BREAKS FOR DAYS, more b-boy beats to come soon. ;o)

Kid Dyno

morda said...

@ Anonymous, nice =)

And here it is new links >>>