Friday 8 January 2010

Rocket in a Pocket

Just check out B-Boy Pocket and be amazed at his speed and technicality. There ain't no arguing that this 14 year old Korean kid from the Morning of Owl crew is FULL ON in a circle! I have spent hours pushing my way to the front to watch b-boy circles over the years, and reactions get no bigger than this; Pocket makes seriously technical power moves look like ... well, childsplay.


Anonymous said...

You are right about that he can make it look likes childplay, but this is supposed to be dancing and no gymnastics battle. He doesn't show
much style and the little bits of toprocking before going into his powermoves just look poor.
I rather see battles where powermoves are forbidden and style is king.

For me, bboying is supposed to look like this:


Daily Diggers said...


I totally agree there is too much emphasis on power moves and gymnastic freezes in all b-boy events these days, but dope footwork and uprock skills will always separate the good dancers from the "not so good". SKEME RICHARDS and myself discussed this very fact only recently at the UK Champs.

Thanks for the link to Ken Swift's video, he will always rock tough and I love the "mugsy" midway through the floor spins! Thats' that shit.

Victor, please keep passing through - comments from a knowledgable head are always appreciated.

stay fresh

Kid Dyno

Anonymous said...

I've been an avid lurker for some time. This is really one of my favorite blogs, especially the
posts about breaks I didn't know yet :), thanks!!!
Perhaps I should also share something. Here are two bboy-mixes I did a few years ago as a promotion for two bboy battles a friend organized:

Daily Diggers said...

^^ hey we need more lurkers like yourself! Those mixes are dope fella! Supernice beats for the b-boys. This is exactly why I love maintaining this website, to hear shit like this rocked how it should be done.

Please hit us back with your name and your turf. Are you happy for me to share these...? Peeps need to hear these.

keep doing the do

long live hip hop

Kid Dyno