Friday 5 February 2010

The 45 King Rocks The Portables pt2

My man BEAT DETECTIVE posted this up on his blog, but I simply had to add it on BREAKS FOR DAYS for all to see. Once again the 45 KING is rocking the doubles like it should be done using VESTAX handytrax portables and some dope ass beats courtesy of the KING himself. You know he got BEATS FOR WEEKS.
Now watch this closely ... I mean very closely! And any sucker DJ's out there in cyberspace take note.

"Butter butter this stuff is butter!"

If you don't enjoy this short video then I will eat all of my TUFF CITY records. You're damn right it's butter!


Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

So dope!

Lee said...

Yeah I watched this but preferred the last one cos I hadn't seen it before. Plus he ripped thru a fat stack of wax on the last one. I did enjoy this one tho, what are those 7s he's got??

bob disaster said...

7"Serato discs by the looks of it. Look how many wires are plugged into the mixer.

Mr Mike Fresh said...

dope vid dyno. hope your doing well bro. when you get a chance drop me an email.