Monday 8 February 2010

Got Nikes on My Feet.....

Being a hoarder of fly kicks, it is sometimes hard for me to choose what to wear on my feet each day. The weather conditions always play a part in my decision, cuz if there is a forecast of rain then the boxfresh pairs stay exactly that - boxfresh! If I think there is the feintest chance of ruining a pair then I don't wear 'em. And people who know me will corroborate that I have so many unworn pairs
still waiting for a day of perfect sunshine (fat chance of that here in the UK!). Plus my work involves getting fairly dirty at times, so again a fresh pair of kicks is simply out of the question. Maybe a dark leather pair here and there, but light coloured suedes and canvas kicks are a no-no! But luckily NIKE have come to my rescue and released the NIKE AIR FORCE 1 SUPREME WORK BOOT - in colours fresh enough to look dapper, but still robust enough to wear at work without fear of annihilation. These are high top kicks with a strong leather strap, hiking boot laces and a perforated NIKE swoosh as opposed to a sewn-on swoosh. The midsoles are stitched leather, constructed similar to those which appeared on the AF1 INSIDE OUT editions, in a very light cream colour. These kicks look superfesh and highly durable! All I need to do now is find out where I can buy these badboys? Help anyone?

Kid Dyno

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Anonymous said...

Surely they are based on the Redwing work boots. Very fresh.