Friday 12 February 2010

London Spots

Here are photos of just two of the spots I will hit this weekend in search of my fix of dusty vinyl. The number of record shops in London has diminished over the years, but the records are still out there, and on a
positive note a few new second hand wax outlets have sprung up in recent months. The public's need for vinyl has certainly not disappeared in this mp3 generation we live in.
An early start is essential, as is the willpower to keep visiting a spot until it gives up the goods. As a serious record digger I know that every seemingly wasted trip to a spot is also good reconnaissance for the next visit - I never give up on a shop just because the last few visits have been fruitless. I find persistence always pays off.
I been getting heavy into some latin beats lately, so I'm hoping to find some conga-fueled rhythms and uptempo beats, as well as keeping one eye open for the classics. Hip hop records have been very thin on the ground over the last few months, so it would also be nice to cop something dope-on-a-rope. We'll have to see how it goes.
I hope you all have a great weekend; keep digging hard and rocking them beats YO!

Kid Dyno


Anonymous said...

Word up.
That flashback place looks promising. There's a spot that looks just like that where I live and it has a back room that will keep ya busy all day.

Agent Finch said...

Yo dynO, that Flashback spot is nice, i`ve copped a few dope records from there.

Did you hit Haggle in the same road & see that weird old geezer in there? :-)

Great to hear there are `new` record spots opening up, long live vinyl !!!!

Hope your diggin mission was fruitful bro??

MR KRUM said...

How'd ya get on D? Any luck?