Tuesday 2 March 2010

Daily Diggers are Funky

You'd better believe it!


MG said...

Yes indeed!

Anonymous said...

Wanted to ask you because you obviously are up on your shit.
Do you think a good mix is determined by the rarity of the records/songs on the mix?
I've been wanting to start putting together mixes but unfortunately I don't own too many rare records. I however have great/funky jams (In my opinion)
If the music is nice n funky should it's rarity matter?


Daily Diggers said...

hey anonymous,

A good mix certainly ain't defined by the rarity value of the records, just the dopeness of the records. Be confident that if you think the tracks are funky, then we all will when we hear the mix.
It ain't what you do it's the way that you do it.

Get it on!

Kid Dyno

fishlycoxwell said...

^^^speaking as someone with a decideley unrare record collection...like DYNO says, a good mix is defined by a set of records that make people move...dj's are paid to entertain and make people dance...
bring it.

fishlycoxwell said...

p.s. that cut is dirty mate!