Sunday 21 March 2010

Daily Diggers - Born To Get Down

What's good y'all? Over here in the UK the weather is much better right now than it has been over the past few months. It's amazing how much some brighter weather can improve your mood. I reckon it's been gloomy here since the end of 2009, but now the sun is beginning to make an appearance and it's time for some uplifting music to bring on the summer of 2010.
This week I've been busy here at the DAILY DIGGERS HQ handpicking some uptempo b-boy records perfect for the circle. Whenever I post up some b-boy beats on 45rpm there is usually a good response and some interesting comments, so let's see how you rate this little selection of floor rockers.

DAILY DIGGERS proudly present....

BORN TO GET DOWN - a selection of super tough b-boy cuts

If you need music for playing at a battle, practice session, b-boy throwdown or house party, or simply to crank up in your whip then this is FOR YOU.

So get your itchy download finger at the ready, and then click on the image above to enlarge the CD cover.

Were you "Born To Get Down"?

Download HERE and enjoy

Kid Dyno


Agent Finch said...

killer selection dynO..!!

right, where did i put that old piece of lyno...? :-)

MR KRUM said...

On the download as I type. Looking forward to this Dom.

And as it goes, I just happen to have spent the afternoon recording some nice Summer tunes as the other end of the spectrum though...stuff like Faze-O, Steve Parks, etc...

Sunshine is a beautiful thing.

Cheers - D

Thanks for the shout btw!

Skeme Richards said...

As always you bring the goods. Perfect for my sunday afternoon listening!!


aREAL said...

Thanks a lot for the post. This mix sounds amazing, sadly don't have time to listen trough the whole thing right now but I surely will!

Once again, thank you.

fish said...

been a long time coming but a nice selection once again my man.
keep on rocking...

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

Now on the itchy finger download mate, looks the business, cant wait.

thank you.


Anonymous said...

really nice mix dom,keep em coming.

Drasar Monumental said...

Downloading right now homeboy.....WORD..

MG said...

I'm about half way in...I must say, Wooooo!
Gonna make the neighbors a little angry hahaha
Thanks and good work brotha!

Daily Diggers said...

^ yo many thanks fellas, I hope you are enjoying the breakdowns.
I put this together on my born day last Friday 19th March. No better way to celebrate my big day with some dope ass records and some memories of the old school.

Somebody say HO!

Kid Dyno

p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

nuthin' less than superb Dom,wicked selection nice transitions i wouldnt have expected anything less than super rockin' breaks and tuff funky beats coming from the old school Daily Diggers Crew.

To the edge of panic!...keep holdin' down the tradition bro.


Anonymous said...

the download finger is constantly 'itchy' homey-stromey !!

on the DL right now, lookin forward to this, just been enjoyin the Skamrok tape at the weekend so the zulu breaks are de rigueur right now

"a go off, a go off" !!

big respect is automatic gents


Baz De Congo said...

Tougher than a gnarly ole leather double goose.

Keep rockin Dyno

Davey Double Decks