Sunday 16 May 2010

The 50 Greatest Hip Hop Samples

Take a peep over at COMPLEX.COM where you can peruse through the 50 Greatest Hip Hop Samples of all time, as selected by the legendary record kings KON & AMIR. I love the KON & AMIR "ON TRACK" and "OFF TRACK" mix series, and the duo have certainly introduced me to some ill samples and dope records over the years, but I discussed the list with my man FISH PWS the other day and we were both surprised not to see any records listed by CTI artist BOB JAMES. I mean c'mon guys, "Nautilus" doesn't even get a mention. Nor does "Take Me to the Mardi Gras". WTF? I could listen to "Nautilus" on repeat indefinitely and still not get bored, so surely it must have been an simple oversight on the part of KON & AMIR. Please don't get me wrong, the list includes some of my favourite beats withut any doubt and kinda resembles the record racks here at the DAILY DIGGERS lab. The list includes THUNDER & LIGHTNING "Bumpin Bus Stop", 24 KARAT BLACK LP, BOB AZZAM and many other must haves when it comes to breaks & beats. But not mentioning BOB JAMES is an out and out crime in my opinion!

Check out KON & AMIR's TOP 50 here and also look out for their recently released "OFF TRACK" vol. 3.

Kid Dyno


MR KRUM said...

Totally agree with your comments about Bob James Dom. It's quite a crazy list to try and compile though. But yeah, leaving out Nautilus is mad.

Have you got the Bob Azzam LP? Those drums are super hard. Love to find a copy someday.


Anonymous said...

you're right about nautilus: it's a timeless piece of music