Tuesday 25 May 2010

Got Yours?

Now that OXYGEN's "gone diggin" has finally dropped on 45 revolutions per minute, I hope you all grabbed up your copies! From what OX tells me it has practically sold out apart from a a few copies still available from JARED at BIG CITY RECORDS NYC (see right for the link).
I gotta say massive appreciation to OX for getting myself KID DYNO down with the program. For those that don't know, OXYGEN handles his business in fine form - he took care of writing the rhymes, organising the dope GENSU DEAN beat, arranging for 2 deejays to cut, mastering & pressing, cover design and manufacture, marketing, sales, packaging AND distribution. Phew ... and this doesn't include his hand signing of many of the picture covers. So now you know who's the hardest working man in the rap game. Hard work pays off.

Special thanks from myself to ....

GENSU DEAN (always dropping the dope shit)
DJ RAGZ (ripping the turns to shreads)
MR KRUM (you got skills to pay the bills)
CRATE INVADERS CREW (those IN the know)
OXYGEN THE ARCHITECT (the man with the golden tongue)
CUT WIZARD ALBEE (rock rock on)
K-PRINCE (the k stands for knowledge - he knows)
BBP (the label of fable)
JARED & BIG CITY RECORDS NYC (NY's record goldmine)

Real hip hop is back fellas!

Kid Dyno

1 comment:

Mac McRaw said...

Yesh, yesh yall, very dope release all round!

Be on the look out for the mysterious Cold Rock Stuff, gonna drop the goodness soon.