Sunday 6 June 2010

DJ Day - Credit Is Due

Now you already know that we only bring you the dopest of the dope here at BREAKS FOR DAYS. And today is no different with a banger of a mix by DJ DAY. Let me tell you this blend of hot shit is perfectly executed, and I mean perfectly. Aptly titled "Credit Is Due", this mix hits you square in the face from the word go, and DAY kills the one's and two's with his supertight cuts n scratches too. This mix is from a couple of years back but has been on heavy rotation since I got it. So don't delay, get your earholes around this...

Hailing from California, DJ DAY has this to say about his love for music..."I was born in the mid-seventies in Palm Springs California. I started DJing in 1989 with a cheap 1-piece turntable/radio/tape deck, 2 boom boxes and dreams of being the best. After years of practicing and listening to DJs like Jazzy Jeff, Joe Cooley, Miz and DJ Aladdin I decided to venture out of my room and started doing local house parties. In 1995 I hooked up with a DJ from Los Angeles named Rip One and we formed a group called Innernational. After doing songs for Return of the DJ and Laid In Full I decided to focus on my own career. I try to be a well-rounded DJ incorporating mixing, juggling, scratching, & blends, being both technically proficient and soulful at the same time. Music, to me, is the most immediate form of expression and one that transcends culture, class, race, language and all that. Whether I'm making my own music or playing records in front of a crowd, I'm out to make people feel something."

Check out DJ DAY here. And you can get a copy of the mix CD through JUNO in the UK.


p.s.Supreme Dominion said...

veery nice, makes good music too.

props, Dyno! this ones new to me.

The Dynamic Hamza 21® said...

You should check Funky Sole. It's pretty dope too. Made with real vinyl and on turntables.