Monday 28 June 2010

Dres Re-unites the Native Tongues

BLACK SHEEP member DRES has recently gone all out to re-unite the NATIVE TONGUES posse, at least for an upcoming joint entitled "Birds Of A Feather".
I've heard the track today and the beat is bananas, and features MIKE GEE from the JUNGLE BROTHERS, Q-TIP (A TRIBE CALLED QUEST), and TRUGOY THE DOVE DAVE from DE LA SOUL. Although MR LAWNGE is no longer an active member of BLACK SHEEP, DRES plans a new album under that name also. I don't know about you guys out there reading this, but this is something I'm gonna look forward to. I've always enjoyed DRES's style, and he talks in the video about the current lack of inspiration in today's hip hop music, and how he vows to bring back those positive energies that the music created back in the days. I hope we ain't disappointed. Check out "Birds Of A Feather" right here.

Now let's bring back some of those good memories with "The Choice Is Yours"!

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fish said...

pardon my cynicism, but when was it ever a good idea to write tracks for money over love?