Tuesday 29 June 2010

No Weak Sauce - Just BBQ Sauce!

Saturday 17th July @ ABOVE AUDIO nightclub, Marine Parade in BRIGHTON UK - with likely lads MEX, MAC McRAW MR KRUM & BOBBY BOUCHER on the wheels of steel spinning a charred blend of beats, breaks and boogie. AND I'm reliably informed that they're also behind the grill flipping the quarterpounders whilst performing doubles on the turntables! Don't miss out - get down there and get your burger & beats on!


Skeme Richards said...

I need to be out there for this one!

Mac McRaw said...

Yesh yesh, gonna be a super duty tough one!!! you should pop down for some beats, beer, broads & burgers by the sea chaps?

Daily Diggers said...

Skeme, your burger radar seems to be working fine! LOL Whenare you in the UK next my man, we need to hook up again.

Mac - I am due a week off work, so if I can sychronise then I'm there.