Sunday 25 July 2010

Red Beans & Rice - Diggin' DVD

Now with this digital age we live in, it's good to see people document hip hop and it's elements without the pressures of having to please the mass audience. If you wanna hear bullshit beats and cornball raps then you have the mainstream, MTV etc to feed your needs. However if your hip hop needs are more traditional, we are now lucky enough that current technology and communication have allowed us to create our own product, promote it and share it online with like-minded others at the push of a button.

Amateur film makers have produced some great beat digging documentaries over the last few years, and I've enjoyed every one of them. It's great to hear from legendary producers and beatheads, but what I also wanted to see was some regular digging addicts like myself getting busy in the crates.
Luckily for me RED BEANS & RICE fills that gap. RED BEANS & RICE "a collection of perspectives", is a 1hr film which tells of the world of record collecting through the eyes of collectors themselves.

Here's a quick peep....

More details to come on where you can get your copy.... Thanks and mad props to DARRELL D.

Kid Dyno

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Agent Finch said...

Hey Dom, i got that dvd through the post last week from Darrell D. I was gonna lend it to you & the beat detective but i suppose there`s no need now :-)

Wicked film which i loved watching & it cracked me up to see crates of vinyl in D`s toilet hahaha.

On a side note, Darrell is the same guy that sold me that Profile jacket!!